MasterWax Buyer's Guide

MasterWax’s marquee products have long been their wool-apply waxes. “Wool-apply” (aka fleecing) use to be branded as a “revolutionary” ski waxing system, but that branding has aged. Nowadays, many high-level clubs, teams, and ski-service shops use the system. Many other wax companies have copied MasterWax’s wool-apply system. Wool-apply waxing has gone mainstream.

“Wool-application” glide waxing uses friction-heat generated by a rotating wool applicator to apply a thin layer of wax to a ski, or snowboard’s base.

MasterWax: A Real Sustainable future

A product picture of the MasterWax Fluoro Engine Kit

The MasterWax wool-apply ski waxing system is a fantastic way to get fast skis quickly without putting your heath at risk. Before continuing, we highly recommend reading more about the concepts and benefits of cold apply waxing here.

This article is a buyer’s guide to help you select the perfect products for your use case.

MasterWax has introduced an entirely new line of fluoro-free racing glide waxes called the RACING FLUORFREE. Unlike the fluoro MasterWaxes from the bad-old days, (when there was a high-fluoro line, medium, and LF lines of waxes) now there’s only one line of fluoro-free waxes to choose from for all your racing or training needs.

MasterWax Kits: The Best Way to Go

If you're starting out with MasterWax, we recommend getting one of these kits. The kits come with all the wax, wools and attachments you need to get started with wool-apply waxing. Grabbing a bottle of Rode's Glide Cleaner is also recommended to help keep bases clean between wax applications.

New Waxes for 2023/24!

Additions to the MasterWax FLUORFREE RACING line are the WET and EXTREME COLD! It's a good idea to grab some extra wool applicators for the new waxes to avoid cross-contamination. We recommend the Rode Merino Wools.

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