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MasterWax Professional FLUORFREE Wet | 20g (0C/-3C)

MasterWax Professional FLUORFREE Wet | 20g (0C/-3C)

The new MasterWax Professional Fluorfree wax has been revamped to replace the old LF Professional! This cold-apply wax is best in warm and wet conditions, old or new. Comes in a 20g block. The cold-apply system of waxing augments the exposure of the ski base`s natural structure and gives a clean platform for rills - which it critical for fluoro-free racing. A 20g cold-apply puck can last for dozens of pairs of skis due to how little wax is actually applied, little usage with big performance! Apply the wax directly onto the Load side of your wool applicator, apply to your ski base from the wool applicator with 6 to 9 passes, then polish using the Buff side of your wool with a few more passes.
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    • Comes in a 20g block. Since the cold-apply waxing method is so efficient with product, you`ll get many pairs of fast skis out of this block.
    • Make sure to label your wool applicators with the wax they`re for. Using the same wool applicator for different types of wax is not advised since cross contaminating the wool can negatively affect performance.

Wet, Old Snow between 0.0°C and -3.0°C

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Recommended for these snow ages:

  • Old
  • Icy
  • Man-Made
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Humidity Range: 60% to 95% Relative Humidity

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Certified Fluor-Free!

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