ProForm-AL1 Wax Bench Station - Made in Canada

ProForm-AL1 Wax Bench Station - Made in Canada

Hello Ski Enthusiasts,

It won't be long till the snow flies! In many places it already has. It's time to get those skis out and ready for some hardcore or satisfying recreation skiing sessions. It's also the perfect time to get the wax room set up and ready for action.


Having a comfortable waxing station is one of those things that make you think "why didn't I have this before?" Having all waxes and tools within arm's reach, power cords managed, and a nearby vacuum or broom on standby are some of the things that make ski waxing less of a chore. But, the centerpiece of a wax station is always the form - the piece of equipment that holds your ski in place while you work. That's where a high-quality waxing table is key. Especially one that's been properly designed and ready to be put through its paces.


Some of you may be familiar with this waxing station from years past. It's been branded as a Vauhti bench, it's also been produced in the past as the CWS ProForm-AL1. Well, it's back and fresh production runs are ongoing. (The first production run has almost sold out already but there's plenty more units coming!) The same old designs have been dusted off and the same Canadian manufacturers have been enlisted to bring this much-needed wax station back to waxrooms anywhere. A solid Canadian product that would make your cross country ski waxing much easier. The PROFORM AL-1 is back!




The form is the part that holds the ski. It comes with two detachable wings to hold the tips and tails. There is a bar for the ski's binding to clip onto. The bar's height is adjustable to accommodate many different ski cambers. The form can be clamped, bolted, or screwed to any table or workbench or it can be bolted to the legs segment of the ProForm AL-1


The legs segment fold and slide kaleidoscopically for easy transport. The legs segment comes with the bolts to attach the form. The legs are a very solid 20lbs unit that's not tippy when you're working on the far reaches of the tips and tails.


The Tray is big enough to hold several small tools and waxes. It has tongues that fit perfectly into slots on the legs.


Here are some of the highlights of this amazing "north of the 49 parallel " workbench:

  • Every Nordic ski fits as the wings are fully adjustable from a junior ski all the way up to the longest adult skis.
  • Fully adjustable binding clip and profile wings are compatible with all Nordic racing skis and binding systems.
  • Extremely solid and flat hold on the ski with no obstructions is especially good for rilling work and hard hand brushing.
  • The very sturdy base is fully foldable (legs collapses telescopically and then fold in) and lockdown into place for easy traveling.
  • The Profile portion (excluding base) is all aluminum and very light, weighing only 2500g.
  • It can be used on its own and has mounting holes to fit any table, bench, or wax truck (clamps not included, but are easy to pick up at your local hardware store).
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in Canada

Special Features:

  • The full kit fits in a small ski bag.
  • Solid North American grade construction holds up to vigorous waxing procedures.
  • Rubber bumpers on the form are gentle and grippy so your skis don't slide off or get damaged.
  • Assembled in Canada so you get a high-quality table at a price that doesn't include shipping from China or Europe and pays a fair wage.
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