Rode Ski Wax & Tools Catalogue 2023/2024

"New products from Rode coming for 2023/2024! A few products have also been discontinued, but thankfully no major changes or “marketing refreshes”! In this exciting update, we'll delve into the innovative additions to our lineup and explore the timeless favorites that continue to shine."

Rode: Passion for performance

Rizzieri Rodeghiero, born on December 5, 1919, displayed an innate fascination with alchemy from a tender age. Growing up in a farming family, and unable to afford formal education, he borrowed chemistry books from a local country pharmacist to craft the essential ski wax for winter adventures. Fond memories linger of young Rizzieri meticulously mixing his early waxes, concocted from resins and natural ingredients, and personally testing them during races.

With his innovative products, he achieved remarkable success, securing seven Italian titles across cross-country and Nordic combined skiing disciplines. His journey led him to represent Italy in the 1948 St. Moritz Olympics. In 1953, he laid the foundation for Rode Skiwax, a company that would go on to become one of the most prosperous in its field. To this day, the company is family owned and operated out of a brand-new factory in Asiago, Italy.

A note on Fluoronated Waxes

In response to the FIS ban on fluorinated waxes, we'd like to share an update regarding our product offerings at We have decided not to add any more fluorinated waxes to our inventory. However, we understand that some race events this winter may not fall under fluorine regulations.

To ensure fair competition at races where fluorinated waxes are permitted, we're willing to go the extra mile for you. If you ask us very kindly, promise to wear PPE properly when waxing, and perhaps even seek forgiveness from the ski gods, we'll make special arrangements to order fluorinated waxes for you.

Rode continues to provide a selection of fluorinated waxes for those who require them. These waxing include the F-line powders, FL-line liquids, and HF/LF melt waxes.

Now... without further ado, here's the new products for 2023/24:

New Rode Products 2023/24:

An Old Favourite:

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