MasterWax Ultra MF Cold Apply Wax Line

::MasterWax Ultra MF Cold Apply Wax Line::Series::::Glide Wax::Nordic|Biathlon|Alpine|Snowboard::::MasterWax::Cold Apply Pucks::Racing::MasterWax Ultra MF Cold Apply Wax Line::Medium Fluoros::Cold Apply Waxing|Treating Waxless Skis::Pink|Yellow|Orange|Red|Violet|Blue|Green|Brown::Fresh Falling|New|Transforming|Transformed|Old|Icy|Man-Made::The Cold Apply Evolution is here! MasterWax Cold apply waxes are applied without an iron for quick, convenient application without harmful fumes. Masterwax adds a bonding agent to their blocks so the product adheres to the ski after being applied with a wool applicator attached to a standard power drill. The Ultra MF line is MasterWax's mid-range Medium Fluoro series. These waxes are great for training and ski testing. Cold apply reduces the chance of burning your bases with an iron to zero percent - meaning your skis last longer before stone grinding.::

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