Brown Snow Conditions (Dirty Snow, Any Temperature)

  • Friction Characteristics

    Glide waxes that have graphite, molybdenum, fluoros, or gallium are dirt-repelling and will resist the buildup of dirt on the ski. Also, waxes that are harder to the touch are also much more dirt resistant - providing a glide factor that does not diminish as quickly as you put in the kms. After you wrap up your session skiing on dirty snow, it's important to use a liquid ski base cleaner to clean off your glide zones. You'll be shocked at how much dirt comes off! Definitely, not a great idea to leave all that grime to be mixed into your next wax application.

  • Kick Waxing

    Grip waxes can be sped up with fluor liquid or fluor powder covers that contain these dirt-repelling compounds. Some Klisters and hard waxes for dirty snow come with dirt-repelling compounds already mixed in. Cleaning off your used grip wax after a session on dirty snow will help a lot for your next ski. Dirty grip wax can get very draggy.