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A much cheaper way to enter the cold apply game

MasterWax Entry Kit

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The cheapest way to enter the cold apply game. This set has the bare essentials to get started with the MasterWax cold apply system. The handle fits into any standard drill and the single wool applicator fits snugly over the included roto cork. This set also comes with 10g of medium professional evo wax (-4C to -10C) which is from the low fluoro line. It is the most effective wax from the professional line to work across all snow types.
  1. Comes with a roto handle, roto cork, one wool applicator, and 10 grams of medium professional evo wax.
  2. It costs $495 to buy each item individually.
  3. Make sure to label your wool applicators with the wax they're for. Using the same wool applicator for different types of wax is not advised since cross contaminating the wool can negatively effect performance.
  4. The 10g MasterWax blocks cover 30-40 pairs of skis
Application Methods

  • Fleeced (aka Cold Apply)