Peltonen Skis: 2024-2025

This is a big year for Peltonen! Headlined by bold new graphics on the '24-'25 skis, several new projects have come together to enhance the Peltonen catalogue and redefine how you enjoy XC skiing on Peltonen skis.

During a factory tour in the summer of 2022, the engineers at Peltonen had neat prototypes they were excited to show me. It was a skate ski without the extruding lip where the ski base meets the sidewall.

They also had half-constructed demo examples of a brand-new method of ski construction, showing how they would first build the core of the ski, then layer on the top sheet and base in subsequent processes. In the old "cap construction" method, all the ski materials, including the base and top sheet, would be squished together in the ski press all in one go - with the hope the results would produce a desirable flex profile. With the new construction method, there are now more opportunities to fine-tune the results. Rather than an outsized reliance on the "hope" good skis would result, more science is used to fine-tune flex profiles.

It's been three seasons in the making but we finally get to order skis built with the new construction methods. The tech advances are called Speed Edge 2.0 and OSC Curve - now ready to order from the Supra X Skate model!

Table of Contents:

  • New Technology
  • Peltonen Ski Collections
  • New Wet Ski Base Graphics
  • New Ski Models
  • Junior Skis
  • Order Factory-Selected Skis Today

Speed Edge 2.0

The Speed Edge 2.0 eliminates the extruding lip where the skis' edge meets the snow. A new, smooth top sheet adds a gliding sidewall that you can wax with liquid gliders. The Supra X is the only model with the Speed Edge 2.0 next season.

OSC Curve

As a result of the new construction method, the OSC curve lowers the camber to give you a flex profile that feels more sophisticated. Peltonen skate skis were already well known for the excellent feeling of control they provided, but the new modifications to the side cut further increased this advantage.

WCR Collection: World Cup-level skis for racers and enthusiasts looking for the best possible skis. The manufacturing process uses the latest technologies and cutting-edge materials to ensure World Cup-level quality. Available in different profiles for different snow conditions.

Racing Collection: Skis for the competitive skier or active enthusiast who is looking for great quality and functionality. Many of the characteristics of the top-end skis but without the heavy price tag.

Performance Collection: Quality, lightweight skis for recreational skiers & Loppet participants. Excellent value without sacrificing the characteristics of great skis.

Outdoor Collection: For recreational skiers looking to enjoy winter and outdoors at their own pace. Easy to maintain and easy to use. These are great for skiers getting into the sport. Unlike other ski brands, Peltonen's entry-level skis are made in Finland, where factory workers are paid fair wages.

Backcountry & Hunting Ski Collection: When you want to find your own trails, Peltonen Backcountry skis are made for exploring and enjoying nature - away from the groomed tracks.

Skate Skis: Peltonen's Skate skis are known for their excellent stability and handling.

Classic Wax Skis: Peltonen's classic wax skis are steeped in tradition. They have very elastic grip pockets, making it easy to access your grip wax.

Skin Skis: Peltonen offers a wide range of skin skis for skiers of different levels. There is no need for grip wax, and skin skis come with the MOVE-ready NIS 3.0 plates for Rottefella MOVE bindings.

G-Grip Skis: `G-Grip` refers to Peltonen's revolutionary wax-free textured ski base and treatment. It offers a low-maintenance, grip-wax-free ski experience. G-Grip technology works best between +5 and -10 degrees, providing a comfortable grip and skiing experience.

Fishscale (Crown) Skis: Good old fishscale skis are a reliable choice for those looking for the most straightforward skiing experience. 

A product picture of the Peltonen SUPRA X WSB

Kick-Ass Flamming Wet Snow Bases!

The Peltonen Wet Snow Base (WSB) is now available with new flamming graphics! WSB is most effective on old, wet and/or dirty snow. This feature is exclusive to the Supra X WET TRACK WSB Skate and Infra X WET TRACK/KLISTER WSB Classic models.

New Models!

Several new models come out this year that we are excited to share with you:

Redefined ASTRA & Cruiser

The "Astra" line is back after nearly a decade. The SkinTrack is now renamed the Astra Skin, and the G-Grip Facile is renamed the Astra G-Grip. New this year are the Astra Step 44mm and Astra Touring Step 52mm. The Astra and Cruiser skis are made in Finland, where factory workers are paid fair wages.

Peltonen Junior Skis

Peltonen offers a wide range of Junior skis, from the Supra X LW skate and Infra X LW classic, both of which can be factory-selected for junior racers, to the mid-range Supra/Infra LW and Astra Jr Skin, which are high-quality skis at an exceptional price. The Sonic Step and G-Grip Tiger are now made in Finland, where factory workers are paid a fair wage, and the skis come with pre-mounted Rottefella BASIC NNN bindings.

Order your Factory-Selected Skis Today

Skis from the WCR Racing Collection and Racing Collection are now available for factory selection. Order your Supra or Infra model skis today!

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