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An add-on set of rollers for the Holmenkol Cross Structure Tool Nordic

Holmenkol Cross Structure Kit Nordic

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If the Holmenkol Cross Structure Tool Nordic doesn't have enough grunt for you, this is the add-on kit you need to "mean it" when you rill. Comes with a blank roller, two V-structure rollers and two linear rollers. The press-box handle is not included in this kit and mush be purchased in order to use these rollers.
  1. Comes in a case with claps
  2. One plastic blank roller used as a filler if you only want to use one roller at a time
  3. 0.3mm V-structure roller
  4. 0.5mm V-structure roller
  5. 0.5mm linear roller
  6. 1.0mm linear roller
  7. Handle not included and must be purchased separately
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins
  • Ironed Powder
  • Roto-corked Liquid
  • Simple Liquid Application
  • Corked Glide Blocks
  • Fleeced (aka Cold Apply)
  • Wipe and Go
  • Warm Weather Glide Waxing
  • Glide Tape Application