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Peltonen SUPRA X WET TRACK 181cm 2016 Skate Skis B-GRADE MINOR DEFECTS

Peltonen SUPRA X WET TRACK 181cm 2016 Skate Skis B-GRADE MINOR DEFECTS

The Supra X WET TRACK is the best elite skate ski Peltonen has to offer you for wet snow, dirty snow, or, counter-intuitively, very cold snow conditions. These skis come with special extra-hard, red-coloured ski bases that are resistant to dirt pick-up and excel in very abrasive snow: be it icy or very cold. The profile can be custom-selected to work well in either very wet snow, or very cold snow. Peltonen continues to refine their ski construction philosophy: With this season`s version of the Supra X, they have lowered the camber and stiffened the front pressure zone resulting in better glide across all snow conditions. The NOMEX Honeycomb Core construction makes these skis exceptionally lightweight, XXT ExtraLight CARBON Tip and Tail make the skis feel snappy and alive, & the FLUOR-FREE Nano High-Speed Wet base material (NHSW) shows up best at high speeds in dirty snow. If you are looking for the best dirty, wet snow skate skis (or very cold snow), the Supra X WET TRACK can be custom selected to fit your height, weight, and skill level. Please get in touch with us using the `chat` feature on the website if you have questions about factory-picked & custom-selected skis. These skis are B-Grade quality from the factory, meaning they either have minor cosmetic defects or the flexes of each ski do not match as closely as we`d like. These skis have old graphical designs and are therefore on clearance while supplies last.
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Sizing/Flex Chart Coming Soon

The Peltonen sizing/flex chart takes a decent amount of interpretation to get right. We recommend getting in touch with us at with the following info;

  1. The ski model (Infra X WET/KLISTER, Supra X UNIVERSAL, etc...)
  2. the skier`s height,
  3. the skier`s weight,
  4. the skier`s ability, (beginner, experienced, racer, etc...)
  5. the snow type you`d like the skis to work best in,
  6. and if you`d like bindings, poles, or boots as part of a package deal!

With this info, we can choose you a pair of skis that will be a perfect fit! Click here to email us:


    • WET TRACK FLEX PROFILE: Stiffer than the UNIVERSAL profile. Short pressure zones and a long camber give your skis fantastic suction-friction resistance in very wet snow. These skis can also be picked with a smoother pressure profile for very cold snow.
    • Comes with NOMEX Honeycomb Core construction. The lightest and strongest core material available in the Nordic Ski industry
    • XXT ExtraLight CARBON Tip and Tail: Carbon fiber plates are constructed into the tip and tail of the skis to provide several race-caliber benefits: Snappy, high-feedback tips feel energized and give back some of your input forces. XXT carbon fiber wedges provide higher torsional rigidity, especially on technical downhills. And the additional carbon fiber is less prone to aging: Increasing the longevity of the skis` flex profile.
    • Built-in NIS 1.0 plate compatible with NIS bindings
    • FLUOR Nano High-Speed WET base material (NHSW): Previous to 2020, all NHS ski bases contained very, very large amounts of fluoro additives baked in the base material. Starting in 2021, all Peltonen skis are 100% fluoro-free made without any fluoro additives in the base material. The factory stone-grind is ideal for average snow temperatures. These bases are red-coloured and made of a harder compound than the black-coloured bases.
    • Industry-leading laminate sublayer: Peltonen bases are exceptionally flat out of the factory and stay flat after hotboxing & applying wax with high-temperature irons thanks to the reinforcing laminate sublayer sandwiched between the core material and the base material. The reinforcing laminate sublayer keeps the ski bases flat for many seasons reducing the need for stone-grinding as a means to re-flatten the bases. Flat bases are much easier to wax and they distribute pressure evenly on the snow during the glide phase of skate-kick or when in a tuck position.
    • Made in Finland
    • The Supra X also comes in Universal and HARD TRACK profiles. Bindings are sold separately.

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