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STAR NEXT MED Fluoro-Free Racing Wool-Apply BLOCK (-3C/-8C) | 28g

STAR NEXT MED Fluoro-Free Racing Wool-Apply BLOCK (-3C/-8C) | 28g

Star`s NEXT wax line is the top of its class! Its a full line containing everything you need for top-level, fluoro-free racing: liquids, blocks, powders, paraffins, and even a dirty snow spin-off line. The NEXT blocks are designed for top fluoro-free performance. The NEXT MED is best for -3°C to -8°C in all snow conditions. Star blocks are a speedy topper for cold apply application. Apply block directly onto roto wool applicator, run along ski base for 2-3 passes, then finish with soft nylon. For each NEXT block you use, you should use a seperate roto wool applicator. This stops cross-contamination between waxes which may have different additives which may work counter-productively to each other. Make sure to label each wool with which wax it was used with! Like all NEXT products, the paraffin has Star`s ceramic technology for the best fluoro-free performance! Best pairs with NEXT bases. Comes in 28g blocks (actually 32g on a scale) in cardboard packaging for less plastic waste.
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Nordic Application

Alpine Application



    • Fluoro-Free!
    • Comes in 28g blocks (Actually 32g!)
    • No fumes from solvents, no smoke, and very little dust!
    • Quick easy application.
    • Designate each wool roller to one wax type. For example, label your wool roller `STAR MED` and use that roller only for the STAR Med block so as not to mix waxes meant for different snow conditions.

All Snow Types between -3.0°C and -8.0°C

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Recommended for these snow ages:

  • Fresh Falling
  • New
  • Transforming
  • Transformed
  • Old
  • Icy
  • Man-Made
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Certified Fluor-Free!

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  • Hydrocarbons

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