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Anti-ice agent for crown & zero skis. Use on new snow close to zero degrees to prevent icing.

Vauhti ANTI-ICE FOR CROWN and ZERO SKIS (NF) | 80mL (2C/-5C)

In temperatures around zero degrees, fresh snow tends to ball up and get stuck to the bottom of your waxless skis. We call this build up "snowballs", "stilts", or "icing up". This treatment is designed to eliminate any icing on your waxless skis so they always glide and never stop! Say "by" to snowballs.

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  1. Bottle size is large: 80mL, with a foam dabber for application.

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Moist new Snow between 2.0°C and -5.0°C
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Recommended for these snow types:
  • Fresh Falling
  • New
  • Transforming
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About this series: Even waxless skis need a little TLC. Amazingly easy-to-use liquid maintenance agents to clean and maintain zeros or crown skis. Prevent icing, while getting the grip you need to enjoy your ski trip no matter what the weather throws at you.
Application Methods

Safety Warning!

In the application process of some ski wax products, you and others can ba exposed to dangerous dust, fumes or residues. With the correct safety protolcols in place, these risks can be mitiagted and waxing can be very safe.

Safe Waxing protolcol:

  1. Always wax in a well-ventilated area. Outside is best. If you have to wax inside make sure there is some sort of air exchanger in place. Range hoods are best. Fans are better than nothing. Be sure to point out any lack of air exchanging equipment to the staff of any waxing facility or the race organizers.
  2. Whenever using any kind of heat in the waxing process (irons, heat guns, torches) always wear a respirator. Respirators that cover your eyes are best and check for a fluorocarbon rating on your respirator. Remember, the most dangerous fumes are not from powders but resins in grip wax and klisters. Wear a mask even when you are using non-fluorinated waxes since fumes from burnt paraffins are not OK to inhale. Respirators are required in the wax room.
  3. When creating any dust in the waxing process (brushing, scraping) always wear a respirator and gloves. Compounds in blocks, liquids, powders, klisters, and other hardwaxes can be absorbed through the skin. Wax companies keep their wax recipes secret so we have no idea what chemical compounds are present in most waxes nor their effects on the body. Always wear gloves while waxing to reduce your risk to negligible levels.
  4. People who are not waxing are not allowed in the wax room.
  5. Be sure to safely dispose of wax shavings and dust. Contained in a plastic garbage bag is adequate.

With the proper level of adult responsibility, any wax can be used perfectly safely and with negligible harm to the environment. Follow the correct safety protocols whenever you enter a wax room and be prepared with the right safety equipment. Remember to enjoy your fast skis to the max!