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A specailized paraffin wax with ionized metals for enhanced durability and glide.

Gallium Metallic Ion HF Moist Paraffin Glide Wax 50g (0C/-3C)

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The world's first and only wax containing “ionized metals” including the element gallium. By mixing ionized metals, dispersion and adhesion of the metals on base is improved.

Falling Snow | (0°C / -3°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  1. Works in all snow types in it's temperature range but glides when snow is falling.
  2. Ionized metals reduce friction between ski and snow and also can keep dust and dirt away from base. As a result of it, you get excellent glide factor endurance.
  3. METALLIC ION series is HF paraffin wax, but it is similar in gliding performance to fluoro powders.
  4. METALLIC ION series can be mixed with other waxes in it's series to increase gliding performance under various conditions.
  • High Fluoros
  • Metallic Ions
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins