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Peltonen Hunter Skin Skis

Peltonen Hunter Skin Skis | 180cm

Extra wide ski for hunting and deep snow use with wax-free skin base. Skis are 100mm wide.

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  1. No NIS plate
  2. Waxless mohair skin base
  3. 100mm width
  4. Bindings are sold separately.

Sizing/Flex Chart Coming Soon

The Peltonen sizing/flex chart takes a decent amount of interpretation to get right. We recommend getting in touch with us at info@skiwax.ca with the following info;

  1. The ski model (Infra X WET/KLISTER, Supra X UNIVERSAL, etc...)
  2. the skier's height,
  3. the skier's weight,
  4. the skier's ability, (beginner, experience, racer, etc...)
  5. the snow type you'd like the skis to work best in, 
  6. and if you'd like bindings, poles, or boots as part of a package deal!

With this info, we can choose you a pair of skis that will be a perfect fit! Click here to email us: info@skiwax.ca    

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