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A special hardwax for anti-icing in new to mixed snow

Guru Special Hardwax 45g (-1C/-8C)

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Guru Special is a softer wax with sliver and tar additives for the best anti-icing properties on offer from a grip wax. It can be a big problem in humid fresh snow conditions finding a grip wax that won't ice up and give you grip at the same time. The wax has to be soft enough to get grip against the humid snowpack, and at the same time, the sharp new-snow crystals easily get stuck in a softer wax - causing a literal snowball effect of icing under your foot. The Silver and Tar additives smooth out the grip wax and repel moisture so snowball are less likely to form. This wax is fantastic if the ski trails have varying levels of moisture from one spot to another.
New to Mixed Snow | (-1°C / -8°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  1. Silver and Tar additives for anti-icing and improved glide
  2. Softer texture than most new snow waxes in this temperature range
  3. Guru labelling is small and at the bottom of the can so it remains readable as you peel way the tin
  4. Topped off with a red signature Guru plastic lid
  • Tar
  • Silver
Application Methods

  • Crayon and Cork